Game makers Nvizzio Creations are finally ready to show off Eden Rising Supremacy, the PC game that combines tower defense, open world, third-person action and multiplayer. You are an armored soldier called a Warden, tasked with defending human strongholds called Crucibles from hostile alien creatures. The Crucibles serve as your base, and they’re where you can upgrade your weapons with the materials you find, as well as make your characters more powerful.

“We are very proud of the start we have made with Eden Rising Supremacy,” said Brent Elison, Lead Designer. “We’re in early access and already have over 30 hours of content for players to get their hands on — a massive world to explore, technologies to discover and craft and lots of tower defense sieges.”

And of course, since the game is in beta mode, there’s more on the way. “Early access is just the beginning,” Elison said. “Over the next few months, we’ll continue to add new content, refine systems, improve gameplay, and polish the game. We have an ambitious plan for where we would like to take Eden Rising that will expand the game world and offer many more hours of content, along with a few new surprises.”

Early Access Core Features:
  • Open world, co-op that blends tower defense action with open world survival.
  • Explore a rich, open world full of exotic flora and fauna.
  • Survive an alien planet filled with danger around every turn.
  • Defend the crucibles in action-packed tower defense gameplay.
  • Craft a variety of unique weapons, armor, and traps to defend the Crucibles.
  • 8-player co-op (16-player at full launch); create your own server for your friends or join an open one.
  • Customize your server difficulty for tribes of any size and control the challenge.

If you’d like to know more, a web video series called The Ascendant’s Vault goes deeper into the game, exploring its features and the secrets awaiting within the game. Eden Rising Supremacy is now available on Steam Early Access, and costs $14.99.