Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of microtransaction-based online games, today announced that more than 100,000 players have signed up to participate in the Closed Beta (CB) for Eden Eternal, its latest free-to-play MMORPG title. Registration will remain open until June 2, when Eden Eternal officially begins its CB testing period.

“We credit the high number of sign-ups to the amount of new and innovative features available in Eden Eternal,” said JT Nguyen, COO of Aeria Games. “Players are quickly realizing that beyond the anime-inspired visuals, the game offers a robust and feature-rich MMORPG experience.”

Eden Eternal presents players with a vibrant anime-inspired world, entrenched with a rich assortment of MMORPG elements. Set on a massive continent torn apart by conflict, players embark on an exciting adventure spanning countless regions as they seek to discover the mystery behind their origin and strive to restore order to the land.

Eden Eternal’s features include:

  • Freely Swap Classes – In Eden Eternal, players are not restricted to just one class. Instead, freely swap between up to 15 unique classes.
  • Extensive Player Towns – Work with your friends to create a bustling player town. Staff your buildings with NPCs, whose role is to aid in questing and upgrades. Explore other towns for additional merchant opportunities.
  • Detailed Character Customization – Choose from a wide array of dyes to customize your wardrobe. Tailor your skills, talents, and specialization to suit your playstyle.
  • Epic Dungeons & Bosses  – Battle ferocious monsters of every shape and size. A diverse catalog of opponents lurk beyond every corner, especially in Eden Eternal’s variety of 1-man, 3-man and 5-man dungeons. Experience instanced dungeons or team up for an epic raid.

Aeria Games reminds players that there is still time to sign up for Closed Beta at Eden Eternal’s official website: