Developer Glyph Worlds has released an early version of their RTS game of global domination, War Selection. Gameplay is inspired by the epic RTS PC games of the 90s.

In War Selection your ultimate goal is to build an empire….through time. You start off in the Stone Age and work your way up. acquiring new inventions and innovations as you battle through the centuries. The tools you have at hand depend on the side you choose — any region of the world.

War Selection has several modes. Singe player has you battling against AI armies, while multiplayer lets you do the same with other humans. There IS a battle royale mode in here, which lets an unrealistic 62 empires clash against each other until only one is left standing.

“We can’t wait to see the community build up around War Selection,” says Roman Budkeev, CEO of Glyph Worlds. “We hope to create a close-knit fanbase of players through our ability to host matches of such an incredible size. We’re very proud of our ability to have 62 players simultaneously fighting in an RTS and look forward to observing the tactics, strategies, and politics that come about in our game.”

  • Tons of Units and Buildings – More than 100 different buildings and 200 different kinds of units (Land, Sea) are present across the ages.
  • Customize Your CultureChoose which culture you will align with as you advance through the ages, carving your own distinct path through history. Begin in the Stone Age, and specialize in European or Asian cultures as the game progresses to unlock specialize technologies, buildings, and units.
  • Massive Multiplayer Wars Over 62 players on a single match leads to true chaos as wars break out all over the map.
  • Varied Modes and Competitive Styles Against players, fight in free-for-alls, team battles, or Armageddon.

You can select War Selection starting today on Steam Early Access.

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