If you have no friends, there’s a lot of things you can’t do. You can’t go eat at a big restaurant without awkwardly sitting in a booth by yourself. You can’t borrow someone’s truck if you need to lift something heavy across town. And you can’t play Marvel’s Avengers, because as Square revealed today, it’s online and multiplayer only.

Crystal Dynamics is developing the game, as they’re in between Tomb Raiders right now. Much like Overwatch or Destiny, Avengers is a “service” game, meaning it’ll start out with very light content and then stuff will be added to it gradually, with new missions periodically. Mainly, YOU create the adventure, along with your super-team of other players. Square says they plan to support the game for years, or at least as long as it’s profitable.

The Avengers in Crystal D’s game are clearly inspired by their big-time movie counterparts, but differ in some ways (like the likenesses of celebrities). The backstory is that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were out saving the day in San Francisco when suddenly, something went wrong…..and the entire city was destroyed, with the Avengers getting the blame (also, Captain America died in the incident, so you can’t play as him). The game picks up five years after “A-Day,” as the locals call it. You’ve got to prove to the public you’re a blessing, not a curse.

One of the more pleasant things we heard from the developer today was that Marvel’s Avengers would contain “no random loot boxes” and “no pay-to-win scenarios.” Of course, wording is key — NON-random loot boxes could still appear, right? Don’t be surprised if this game tries to sell you stuff — it’s a service game, it HAS to do that — but Crystal D swears that, for the most part, all additional content will be free.

Surprisingly, we got a precise release date for Marvel’s Avengers even though it was just formally announced. The heroics will begin May 15, 2020! Use those months of waiting to go find some friends.