Here’s something we never expected to hear. The websute USGamer caught up with Yu Suzuki, director, writer and pretty much everything behind the existence of the Shenmue series. The reporter asked Suzuki if Shenmue 3 would be concluding the story of protagonist Ryo…not really a question most other reporters felt like asking, because obviously it would, right?

Think again. USGamer reports that “Suzuki took out his water bottle and placed it on the table between us and pointed to about the halfway point.” Then he said “Whole story of this bottle, about here,” through a translator. The reporter asked for clarification, and if he meant halfway. He meant even less. “40 percent,” said Suzuki.

Shenmue fans know the game’s storyline was originally intended to be very long. When it was conceived on Dreamcast, a long number of games were planned — plans that had to change when the Dreamcast started collapsing and Shenmue II didn’t sell well on the XBox. What is Suzuki betting here — that he can crowdfund a Shenmue 4?

We’re not sure, but the director did confirm that something would be coming after the game is shipped….post-release content. He confirmed it WILL happen, and that players should expect “something quest-based, and something action-based.” And maybe something that quickly tells the other 60% of Ryo’s story….don’t leave us hanging.

Shenmue 3 will be released for the Playstation 4 and PC via Epic Games Store November 19.