Right now, you can play Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10 and 12 (11 was an MMO) on modern devices like the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. But did Square forget how to count or is there a missing number there?

For reasons we may never find the truth behind, Final Fantasy 8 has long been excluded from the digital remasters Square has been doing for the PS1 and PS2-era Final Fantasies. There was no response from the company as to why…but if there were any issues, they seem to have been resolved now. It’s coming at last.

This trailer premiered during Square’s E3 presentation tonight. We expect the restoration done to this game to be much like the others: cleaned-up polygon textures, extra functions like fast-forwarding, blurry backgrounds because Square didn’t think to save the originals, etc.

Final Fantasy 8 revolves around Squall, a brooding “whatever”-ing loner who’s attending Balamb Garden to become a soldier for SEED, some kind of army. One day an MPDG named Rinoa skips up to him and attempts to dance with him. From that point forward she won’t leave him alone despite his complete lack of visible interest in her. But then she winds up in a lot of trouble and Squall realizes he likes her after all, setting out to rescue her (IN SPAAAACE).

Square didn’t mention a specific release date for Final Fantasy 8, but it is coming to all the platforms of the previous releases, within 2019.

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