You don’t always have to attend E3 to play demos for hot new games. Sometimes the company is generous enough to share their samples with everyone….so it goes with Square Enix, who is releasing their Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo to the public after E3 closes.

When I think of Square Enix demos, I’d much like to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake more, but I suppose THAT game doesn’t need the self-promotion. Dragon Quest Builders is much like the first DQB: a Minecraft-inspired adventure where you and other iconic DQ characters must rebuild a village one brick at a time. New mechanics, new locations and fearsome beasts to defeat mix up the formula.

If you enjoy the sample of Dragon Quest Builders 2, Square will make a preorder worth your while…several times over.

  • All pre-orders: Will receive recipes for an in-game Medicinal Herb Decoration, a Dragon Quest Logo Decoration, and a Chimaera Wing Decoration.
  • Physical pre-orders from select retailers:  Will receive an adorable magnet sheet featuring the heroes, building blocks and iconic slimes, at participating retailers.

Digital pre-orders:  Will receive in-game Sigil Block recipes for players looking to decorate their buildings with icons denoting the sun, stars, moon, water and soul, as well as a DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 PlayStation®4 system theme.
PlayStation®Plus users: Users from July 12th will receive a Pixel Decoration of Legendary Heroes as well as a Portrait of Legendary Heroes recipe.

  • Players with a save from DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS: Will receive a classic Builder Outfit from the original title and the obstinate Dragonlord’s Throne recipe.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 arrives July 12 on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The demo arrives a bit before then on June 27.

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