Bethesda while just one company, brings out their heavy hitters, and jokes

A light hearted conference filled with news, answering long awaited questions, and new games and content. If you want to see information on Fallout 76, go here. Other than that, here is the Bathesda Conference Overview.

Rage 2

One of the first games talked about was Rage 2. Bethesda opens up the segment with a live performance from party rock artist Andrew W.K. singing his song “Ready to Die”. They followed up that by poking fun at Walmart Canada for their leak of the game early. Pete Hines said they are known for “Their low prices and ability to keep secrets.” Followed by a short stare at the camera.

As for the game itself we were shown a gameplay demo. We also learn that there are different biomes, new abilities, and a seamless open world.

The game comes out Spring of 2019 and will have a collector’s edition featuring a talking head that you can mount.

Elder Scrolls

Another flagship series under Bethesda’s belt took point this year with new expansions for Elder Scrolls Online, a new mobile game, news on their online card game Elder Scrolls Legends, and the long awaited announcement of Elder Scrolls 6.

Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving two new DLC packs. First is the Wolfhunter DLC which is a dungeon DLC based on Werewolves. The second is the Merkmire DLC story pack that will go into Blackmarsh and will explore Argonian lore and culture. Both will be out later this year.

The series will also receive a mobile game called Elder Scrolls Blades. You move your character by tapping your screen. You can attack by tapping your screen or hold your phone like a controller and use your thumbs like you would with Joysticks. Graphics will be close to console quality on iPhone X. The game can be played in vertical mode and plays the same. Blades will be cross platform. It will be free to download in the fall of 2018 for Android and iPhone.

Bethesda’s online card game, Elder Scrolls Legends will be coming to The Switch, PS4, and Xbox One with a graphics overhaul later this year. While for its first year the game was mobile exclusive, now the free to play game will be coming to home systems.

Before the end of the conference Todd Howard came out and joked about how often they released Skyrim to the point where there was a joke video promoting “Skyrim: Very Special Edition” For Amazon’s Alexa, Smart fridge, beepers, and Etcha-Sketch. It was later discovered that Skyrim for Alexa is real.

However the star of the night and E3 was the announcement of Elder Scrolls 6. While no details were brought up, the confirmation alone drew enough hype.


The video game Prey will be receiving the DLC Mooncrash which is available now along with two new modes. Survival mode and Typhon Hunter mode which is a hide and seek mode that pits people into two teams one seeking and one hiding. This mode will be available to play with either screen mode or VR.

Quick News

There has been some new news announced, though the main focus was Fallout 4. The sequel to Doom 2016 has been announced and titled Doom Eternal. Quake Champions was shown briefly though more will be shown at Quakecon later this year. The Sequel to Wolfenstein 2 was announced as Wolfenstein Young Blood and will feature the daughters of the protagonist from the last game in 1980 Paris. The game will be released in 2019. There will also be a Wolfenstein VR game called Cyber Pilot which will come out in 2019. Finally Bethesda announced a new IP called Starfield. Nothing has been announced yet however outside of a teaser trailer.