The residents of Equestria have been getting around lately. They met the Transformers in an IDW comic earlier this year, and now the worlds of My Little Pony are colliding with Dungeons & Dragons in a new series of collectible figures.

“Cutie Marks & Dragons” is the name of a collection containing five ponies, each dressed in the manner of a specific D&D class. You’ve got the Barbarian, the Bard, the Druid, the Rogue, and the Cleric, only they’re horses this time. All five figures come packaged in the same box.

my little pony
Photo: In Demand Toys

This mashup with Dungeons & Dragons is far from the first My Little Pony crossover, nor will it be the last. Other models exist in this line that depict ponies as members of other properties, though they tend to be mostly things Hasbro also happens to own. Pony Transformers and Pony Power Rangers are currently available.

We’d tell you where to find the Cutie Marks & Dragons package, but it isn’t out yet. The world only recently became alerted to its impending existence when a photo of the box was posted to Facebook by In Demand Toys, a collectibles merchant from the UK. We don’t know at this time if Hasbro has plans to sell Cutie Marks & Dragons outside of European territories, but if not, you can always import it.

No release date has been announced for the figures.

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