Dungeon Party is an easy-to-learn, raucous, play-anywhere, social role-playing game, where the rooms, monsters, and treasures are all on bar coasters. Players take turns bouncing a coin to “hit” the monsters, disarm traps, or avoid cursed rooms. Players work together to survive the dungeon and gather the most loot, but there can only be one winner!

Players will assemble a “Dungeon” by creating a stack of coasters where each encounter will include 3 coasters: a Room, a Monster, and a Treasure. They then adventure through the dungeon by battling through each room, defeating the monsters, and looting the treasure. Along the way, they may pick up magical treasures or spells that can help them in their quest. If they survive the dungeon, the player with the most treasure points wins. If they do not, the Dungeon wins. But either way, there will be laughs and maybe even a drink or two!


Each player takes a hero coaster. These show your hit points, your hero’s special ability, and the monster type they are most effective against. Players then select a dungeon coaster which gives both the back-story of the dungeon, how many rooms are included, and the level of the rooms and monsters. Each room in the dungeon includes a room coaster, a treasure coaster, and a monster coaster.

At the start of each round, you begin by revealing the next room coaster of the dungeon. Different room tiles can have different special effects or rules in play while players are battling the monster in that room. Next the monster coaster is revealed.

Players then take turns bouncing a coin on the table, attempting to land it at least halfway on the monster coaster. If it lands, the monster takes damage based on the hero attacking it and any special effects that might be affecting the attack. If the player misses, his hero takes damage based on that specific monster’s attack value. If a hero’s health ever hits zero, he is considered knocked out for the rest of the battle with that monster (once the fight is over, all players’ hit points are fully restored). Players keep taking turns bouncing the coin until either all heroes are knocked out (in which case the players lose the game) or the monster reaches zero health and is defeated.

The player who delivers the killing blow on a monster earns that room’s treasure; he may choose to pass it off to another player if he wishes. Treasure tokens may simply be valuable items worth more points at the end of the game, or special items or spells, which can be used by different hero types. Each item is worth a certain number of gems and the player with the most gems at the end of the game wins — if the players manage to defeat every room in the dungeon.

More information is available on kickstarter.com.