Austrian developers StillAlive and German publisher Astragon collaborated on the video game Bus Simulator. They’re now working together on a second project, this one quite different from their first. Droneswarm is a real-time strategy game where you play as Captain Carter, commander of an army of drones. Actually, I should saw swarm, not army, because not only is it in the title, they really mean it.

There have been games where you control a lot of simultaneous characters before, such as the Pikmin series, or The Wonderful 101 (NOW ON KICKSTARTER!) but never anything on the massive scale of Droneswarm. This title has you controlling 32,000 drones at the same time.

In his exciting quest for a new Earth, the player takes control of the Argo’s 32,000 drones, which Captain Carter can deftly use to attack enemy spaceships. As they also actively serve as a protective shield of the mothership, it is always necessary to use the right tactics when it comes to asserting yourself against a great variety of different types of opponents. But the swarm of drones is versatile and so much more than just a weapon: In order to survive, the player must gather resources whenever the opportunity arises to learn new skills and to upgrade the mothership along with its drones.

The trailer below was the one used for Droneswarm’s unveiling in 2018. We haven’t really seen the game since then, but that’s about to change. An updated video from the development team has been posted below it. A playable version of Droneswarm will be shown off for guests of PAX East later this month. We’re definitely curious what controlling 32,000 drones feels like.

Droneswarm will be released later this year. More specific information may come out at PAX.