Back in 2012, critics fell in love with an action RPG called Dragon’s Dogma. Originally released on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360, it’s since been ported to a variety of systems, and as of today the Switch has joined them.

This is the “Dark Arisen” version of the game with all the additional content and DLC included in one package. You get the sprawling vistas of Gransys and The Continent, the in-depth combat system, and like it or not, the same voice acting.

Become the Arisen, the last in a line of warriors burdened with defending the realm of Gransys against a cataclysmic cycle of ruin and rebirth. Arisen do not carry this responsibility alone, as they can create and recruit skilled AI companions known as Pawns to assist in their journey. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen entices players to explore a flexible and rewarding combat system, complete with a wide range of devastating skills and potent magicks for tackling any obstacle. Whether beheading Hydrae, grappling Griffins or blinding a Cyclops, each of the game’s nine vocations offer unique playstyles for players to experiment and master.

If you’ve skipped out on Dragon’s Dogma before, don’t make the same mistake yet another time. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arison is now available for Switch, from the Nintendo eShop.