Uncork’d Entertainment will be uncorking their latest monster feature, Don’t Speak, on DVD and VOD platforms in March.

A family is taking a vacation at their grandparents’ farm. But when they get there, not only are their grandparents nowhere to be seen, but neither is anyone else. The entire small community is deserted. They find one big clue as to why: a bloodied-up man, lying on the floor, warns them “It got out.”

WHAT got out? The thing. The blue thing. No one knows where it came from, how it got there, or what it even is, but they do know it attacks and eats people, and they happen to be people.

Unfortunately, the suggestion written in the title of this movie is followed by absolutely no one. The second half of the trailer is entirely composed of loud screams from the folks being hunted by this creature. Can’t they read? Or at the least, didn’t they see that popular movie written and starring John Krasinski that this film is copying? It’s got a sequel coming out very soon.

Let that be a lesson to you: keep up with horror movies, or you won’t learn what to do when a deadly monster wants to eat you. Don’t Speak was written and directed by Scott Jeffrey, and stars Stephanie Lodge, Ryan Davies, and Jake Watkins. It’s coming to DVD and digital March 10.

It wasn’t supposed to escape. Terror abounds in Don’t Speak, premiering on DVD and Digital this March 10.

Upon arriving at their grandparents farm, a family soon realize the entire town has been taken out by an unknown monster.. And soon, they become its prey..