Next month Realization Films’ suspense thriller Disrupted will make its grand debut at the 2020 Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. But after it plays there, it will be released both theatrically and digitally nationwide this summer.

Pete is a longtime resident of Oakland, California, spending his days in a gentrified neighborhood that has vastly changed from the high-crime days when an unidentified killer took away his wife. But there’s a new murder in the news, and the circumstances feel awfully familiar. Seeing a chance for justice to finally be done, he teams up with the retired detective who worked on the case of his wife’s killing, in hopes of avenging her.

Disrupted stars Ron Kaell, Geoffrey Lower, Chioke Jelani Clanton, Marie Wilson, Drew Seeley, Amy Paffrath, and Daniel Roebuck. Mark Gogolewski, Steven Siig, and Jared Drake are serving as producers alongside co-producer Jeff Gadigan. The film was written and directed by Andre Welsh.

Be sure to check out Disrupted when it appears on digital platforms and in selected theaters next summer.

For longtime Oakland resident, Pete, survival is an endless struggle in a gentrified, tech-driven world that’s left him in its dust. But he’s clean and sober, has rectified a relationship with his daughter, and the memories of his wife’s unsolved murder from decades ago rarely haunt him these days. That is until a local killing is strikingly familiar. Reluctantly pulled back in by the retired detective who worked the original case, Pete again sets out to find his wife’s killer and is quickly consumed by his rekindled thirst for justice, a pursuit that cost him everything once before.