Modern Disney has a tendency to group its classic characters into categories and sell their merchandise as such. There’s a line for Princesses, a line for Heroes, and a line for Villains. No “Annoying Sidekicks” line yet…a missed opportunity to pair Gurgi, Terk and the Jason Alexander gargoyle from Hunchback together.

Sadly, they haven’t always had the best results when they focus on the villains, even though they own some of the most beloved and iconic baddies to grace the screen. They’ve made the decision to wussify them (“Maleficient”), water them down (any Cruella appearance where she doesn’t want to kill puppies), and the less said about “Descendants” the better.

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Presenting “Disney Villainous,” the tabletop game where you and your friends take on the roles of Disney villains.  Play as Maleficient and french-fry that Prince. Play as Ursula and conquer the ocean! We’d make a comment about Prince John showing up instead of Scar, but there’s always that one weird guy in your group who will want something obscure.

The villains can’t actually team up (unless you want to break the rules). Each one has an individual game board and the goal is to accomplish your scheme first, whether that be ruling Agrabah or lopping off Alice’s head. But while they can’t help each other, they can HINDER each other (they’re bad, after all). You can use Hero cards to send the good guys after your competitors and trip up their progress. The enemy of your enemy is your friend!

Disney Villainous will be out August 1 wherever tabletop games are sold.