When whispers started traveling though the air about Disney’s streaming service, one of the rumored concepts was a reboot of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, the 1989 smash-hit that revitalized Disney’s lethargic live-action unit. Now it seems those plans have changed, as SlashFilm reports the project has been bumped up to a full-fledged theatrical feature.

What we’re talking about is no longer a reboot. Just as the latest “Vacation” movie focused on a grown-up Rusty Griswold taking his family on an identically hellish journey, this new movie would be about the thirtysomething Nick Szalinski, now a famous inventor himself and papa of his own family. After falling into a Cheerio and nearly being dissolved in his own father’s stomach acid, is he irresponsible enough to let what happened to him happen to his kids? What do you think?

What have the Szalinskis been up to since we last saw them? Not counting the TV series, which took place between the first and second movies, their most recent adventure chronologically would be “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves,” the direct-to-video third installment. The problem with setting this new movie within that same continuity is that at some point a giant baby rampaged through Las Vegas, exposing the shrink/enlarge technology to the world.

So how different would life in America be thirty years removed? World hunger shouldn’t be a thing because food can simply be embiggened. Trash and waste wouldn’t be as much of an environmental disaster since it can all be shrunk to atomic size. Is Disney thinking about any of this? Possibly not. Probably not.

By the way, the title of this proposed movie would simply be “Shrunk.” That means it might not actually be just the kids that face this predicament. Maybe Nick himself? Maybe the mailman? The possibilities are endless….