NIS America announced today that Disgaea®3: Absence of Detentionis heading to the PlayStation®Vitain spring 2012. Much loved by hardcore gamers around the world, Disgaea®3: Absence of Detention has evolved for the next-generation handheld console with all-new characters, stories, and game systems.

Hit the break to view even more juicy details, dood!About Disgaea®3: Absence of Detention

Disgaea®3 is the third game in the Disgaea® series, a hardcore, turn-based strategy RPG series made popular on the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Portable. In Disgaea®, character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges based on level and weapons equipped. There are other special game systems that let you take advantage of the 3D battle map, many of which are unique to the Disgaea® series.

Key Features

Geo Blocks –These cube-shaped terrain-altering objects allow players to manipulate a stage’s rules and reach enemies that would normally be out of reach.

Geo Panels –These colored panels will appear on the game map and will bestow various effects depending on which Geo Blocks are placed on them. Drop a Geo Block on one panel, and every panel of the same color will share that Block’s effect, which can range from EXP bonuses to unit damage, or even invincibility!

Item World –This set of special randomly-generated battle stages exist within each and every item you find. Clearing these stages will allow you to boost that item’s power.