If you recall, Matt Groening has a new show, Disenchantment, which premiered on Netflix last year with ten episodes. The problem with Groening shows, though, is that they take a while to get going — both The Simpsons and Futurama didn’t hit the ground running, but grew spectacular once they found their groove. Netflix is significantly more stingy with their episode count, meaning a LOT of Disenchantment’s first season didn’t really work. Once the real plot kicked in, though, it had a strong finish. Can it ride that momentum for a solid Season 1B?

In order to discuss why the events in this trailer are happening, we’ll have to spoil how the last season ended, so if you haven’t seen it yet, ignore this: Bean discovered a way to restore her mother back to life, but it would mean choosing between her mom and her new best friend Elfo. Elfo may be a main character, but he didn’t have quite the same history, so she chose Mom. Then Mom turned out to be evil and the entire kingdom of Dreamland was turned to stone, blast it.

This season is going to primarily involve undoing Bean’s mistakes. First on the list is un-killing Elfo. Every Groening show requires at least ONE trip to hell, as if it’s in the contract. Elfo actually made it into heaven, but the only route to the afterlife Luci is familiar with (natch) runs through Hades.

After that, events become a blur. Some more things will happen, involving a zeppelin. Disenchantment returns September 20 on Netflix.

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