Indie Gala will be lifting their first person survival parkour game Die Young from Steam Early Access to Steam Proper in a few short days.

The concept behind this one is rather simple: you wake up on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. You have no idea how you got there, you just know you’re weak and starving (and also, you were just buried alive by somebody). Your ultimate goal is to find a way off the island, but your immediate goal is to prevent the title of the game from happening.

Die Young appears in its complete form on Steam September 12. If you purchase the game during its introductory week, you’ll be able to get it for 30% off….the normal price is $19.99, but you can nab it for $13.99.

Die Young is an open world, dynamic action adventure presented in first-person perspective. You awaken, on a picturesque 12 sq km island in the Mediterranean, buried alive and left for dead. Starving and dehydrated, your struggle to stay alive has just begun. Jump, climb, take advantage of your athletic and parkour skills to overcome the dangers and wildness of nature!