Mean Team Studio and Decimo Studio are crafting a crazy 2D shooter, the title of which certainly wants your attention. “Die Bloody Nazi Die!” launches on Steam in one week.

In the middle of World War II, two aliens visiting Earth have their UFO shot down by Nazi anti-aircraft fire. Kin and Sirel are quickly captured and taken inside a secret bunker…..and they were on their honeymoon! This will NOT stand, thinks Kin, and once he wakes up he immediately fights back, starts gathering weapons, spits lead, and searches for Sirel.

This is the narrative you’ll play through in Story Mode, which has you running through the bunker twice: once to rescue Sirel, and again with Sirel to reach the bottom of the bunker and take out the final boss. More characters are playable too…as you achieve various goals, you’ll unlock five in all. Other modes exist in the game, such as Boss Rush, which has you facing all twelve bosses in the game in succession.

All in all “Die Bloody Nazi Die!” contains 5 playable characters, 7 levels, 12 bosses, 19 Power-Ups, 33 enemies and around 100 weapons and wearable items. If some of these figures seem on the low side, well, it’s a budget title. Mean Team will be releasing it for less than five dollars (final cost has yet to be formally announced). Now move those little green legs because this war isn’t gonna win itself!

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