One of the most intriguing parts of the upcoming Battlefield 1 game is the fact that its World War One setting means players will be able to engage in horse combat for the very first time. Knowing that this is something that has captivated and confused players since the original announcement of the latest DICE offering, the developer has revealed some information about exactly how the mechanic will work.

In a blog post on their official site, DICE team member Tommy Rydling went into detail about how combat on horseback will work in Battlefield 1.

“Horses are unique in Battlefield 1,” said Rydling. “While they might not be as sturdy as tanks, they’re still effective in close-quarters combat. Their speed and agility means they can trample enemies under their powerful hooves, and they’ll get you close enough to slash them down with a saber. If you prefer to stay back a bit, you’ll have access to powerful rifles for medium range combat that can be fired from horseback.”

“Horses are even effective in anti-vehicle assaults using grenades – you can run circles around the slower mechanized vehicles and harass them with explosives. Horses also have a secondary use as a mobile supply station of sorts, so in addition to these offensive capabilities, players can drop ammo and bandages from the saddlebags to assist team members and help them stay in the fight. “

Of course, being mounted on a horse doesn’t just offer up a suite of combat advantages. It also has some significant drawbacks too, including the fact that being on a horse makes the player a much bigger target than they might otherwise have been. Interestingly, horses also have their own intelligence, meaning they can be spooked and may refuse to do certain actions, like jumping over a cliff edge, meaning that players will have to be careful what they ask the horse to do during gameplay.

Battlefield 1 is due for release on October 21, though users can get an early glimpse of the cavalry class and the online multiplayer in an open beta that is set to start soon.

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