Movie distributor Devilworks has their hands on another interesting foreign film: Trolls World, a German fantasy they’ve picked up the international rights to.

The second most interesting thing about Trolls World is that, despite being filmed and produced in Germany, it’s entirely in English. The first most interesting thing is this crazy trailer. Normally we push these to the end of the articles, but we have to put THIS one front and center. Just look at this insanity:

Germany produced some pretty whacked-out fairy tales centuries ago…clearly someone in the country wants to get back in the game. All the acting is intentionally over-the-top from all the characters (even the construction worker who you’d presume to be normal). The troll’s “lip synching” can’t even be called that, but it’s great to see some actual puppetcraft instead of cheesy CGI.

Packed with special effects and multi-dimensions, Trolls World follows an evil troll who is accidentally brought back to life and is out for revenge for his 700 years of suffering. He possesses the body of a young woman and sets his sights on unleashing an army of trolls to take over the world.

There’s also a witch involved, but is she an ally or an enemy? There’s a magic book, but is it a force for good or evil? Or does any of it really matter when things are this chaotic?

Trolls World was written by Eric Hordes and Alexander König, and directed by Hordes as well. It was produced by Fantomfilm GmbH, with König and Eva Habermann (Sky Sharks) representing. Currently the movie has no American release date, or anywhere else but Germany for that matter, but we’ll keep you posted just so we can share that trailer again.

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