Devil May Cry 5 was released last week, and fans were promised more content would eventually make its way to the game….specifically the Bloody Palace Mode. It’s an extra-challenging stage that pits you up against hordes of progressively stronger enemies. it had a vague release date, but now we have something specific: the mode will go live April 1.

April Fool’s Day? Is this actually a joke? We have no reason to believe so. It’s possible Capcom picked this day because there’s a prank in store within the mode, but we’ll have to wait to find that out.

As Devil May Cry 5 begins, Dante and Nero are holding back the latest demonic invasion — but they finally met their match at the hands of demon king Urizen. Now monsters have overrun the city, Dante is missing, and Nero’s arm is ALSO missing. The good news is, thanks to the help of gadget whiz Nico, Nero now has the ability to battle with artificial arms that double as weapons — and he can shift between them on the fly.

When Nero tracks down Dante, he’ll be unlocked as playable….but neither of them are alone. New to the series is the mysterious V, a slow-moving character that changes the entire gameplay dynamic. While Dante and Nero are hyperactive superheroes, V has no stylish moves to speak of, and uses animal familiars to attack and defend himself. Using V is optional, but he makes for an interesting second playthrough.

Devil May Cry 5 is out now for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. Two versions of the game are available: the Standard Edition, and the Deluxe Edition with four alternate devil breaker weapons for Nero, motorcycle weapon variant for Dante, alternate style rank and title screen announcers, behind the scenes live action cutscenes, and classic battle theme music options.