You saw them in the Eye Of The Beholder documentary…now Satine Phoenix (Siren Show) and Stefan Pokorny (Founder/CEO of Dwarven Forge) are teaming up to introduce Destination Fantastic…a globetrotting documentary series about fantasies, legends and myths from around the world.

Today Satine and Stefan hosted a Facebook livestream promoting the upcoming series — a livestream they did not sent a press release out for until day-of, and we did not actually see until one hour before its end. Maybe you can still catch it, but if not, here is the list of guests the stream had planned. This gives you an overview of the folks involved in the first season:

  • Satine Phoenix (Creator of Siren Show) – DESTINATION FANTASTIC Host
  • Stefan Pokorny (Founder/CEO of Dwarven Forge) – DESTINATION FANTASTIC Host
  • Joshua Bishop (Made In Japan, The Dwarvenaut) – Creator, Director of DESTINATION FANTASTIC
  • Ron Harbin – Producer of DESTINATION FANTASTIC 
  • Maude Garrett (Nickelodeon Australia) – Host of event 
  • Julia Dennis (The Following, The Stand Up) – Gamer 
  • Jason Azevedo (Chief Executive Officer of Mosaic) – Gamer 
  • Jen Page (Dungeon Master, Actor, Model, Artist and Writer) – Gamer 
  • Luke Gygax (Head Honcho of Gary Con) – Gamer 
  • Peter Adkison (Game Designer) – Gamer 
  • Jason Charles Miller (Musician, Voice Actor) – Gamer 
  • David Baxter (Vice President of Development Legion M) – Gamer 
  • Mousa Kraish (American Gods) – Gamer 
  • Vivid Vivka (Gamer) – Gamer 

In case there’s no archive for the livestream, there IS something you can watch: this trailer for the series. Destination Fantastic is currently under production and has no release date.

DESTINATION FANTASTIC is an independent documentary travel show that will follow the hosts  on a whimsical journey each episode as they explore all things fantastical. Castles, dungeons, labyrinths, mythological creatures, fantasy games, sacred grounds, art, literature, music and history. Along the way, celebrities, experts and fanatics who will help showcase the history and details of each new location and subject. Satine and Stefan will be looking for inspiration for their future projects, as well as learning about what has inspired myths, folklore, and storytelling since the beginning of civilization – much like the infamous game itself.

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