After a short delay, Daedalic Entertaiment has put forth some new releases for their apocalyptic point-and-click comedy adventure known as Deponia.

Exactly how much of Deponia is available right now depends on which system you’re buying it for. The original Deponia is ready to purchase, on its own, on Switch and XBox One. But on Playstation 4, Daedalic has published Deponia Collection, a package containing all FOUR titles in the Deponia series. However, this package is also now available on XBox One as well, making the original Deponia release redundant. And poor Switch gets just the original Deponia. If you think this is a bit hard to follow, so do we.

The original Deponia’s plot is, in basic terms, a post-apocalyptic Overboard. Rufus is a conman who lives in a world of trash (the titular land of Deponia) while the rich and cultured folk live above in a sheltered city he’ll never experience…or will he? A woman falls from that city into Rufus’s backyard….and Rufus happens to be a dead-ringer for her husband. Rufus just may be able to con his way into the literal high life….unless he starts actually falling for the woman.

Check out Deponia today on Playstation 4, XBox One and Switch (if we hear about Deponia Collection getting a Switch release we will let you know).


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