Publisher Deep Water Games announced today it’s partnering with Design Studio Bread & Circuses (Council of Verona) and game designer Eric Slauson (Tattoo Stories) to unleash MonsDRAWsity upon the world.

Gather your friends around the table. One of them has witnessed a monster! It’s up to the rest of you to sketch that creature as accurately as possible, based on their description of it. Only the witness holds the card that depicts what the monster truly looks like. Some things may be hilariously lost in translation.

“All of us in the Deep Water family have been demoing games for years, if not our entire lives, and never before have we seen people respond to a game so instantaneously and so positively,” says Deep Water CEO, Nolan Nasser. “MonsDRAWsity’s box is packed full of delight, surprise, and laughter, for everyone from kids to parties to classrooms. We’re thrilled to be bringing so much joy and fun to your table!”

“We are very excited to introduce audiences to some of the most bizarre looking creatures they’ve ever seen. Whether you’re a professional artist or a connoisseur of the stick figure drawing, this game is packed full of memorable monsters that will have players scratching their heads in the best possible way,” adds Bread & Circuses President, Jon Cohn.

  • Each round plays in less than three minutes
  • A constant source of giggles and friendly competition
  • Filled with awesome monsters designed by today’s top artists

MonsDRAWsity will make its public debut at Gen Con 2020 this August, and come out shortly thereafter. But you can preorder it today by heading to this page.