Dead by Daylight: My Little Oni Event is a limited event of Giant proportions


After the release of the controversial “Killer the ‘Unknown'” by Dead by Daylight, there will be an event that might revitalize one of the veteran Killers. When this teaser was released, people thought it was just an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. It is an April Fool’s event but it is actually playable!

In fact, there is a PTB (Public Test Build) that is playable for selected streamers. The event, “My Little Oni,” will make the killer, “The Oni,” look massive to Survivor players. He won’t be a giant; instead, the Survivors will be shrunk to be smaller. Making him a giant might mess up the map. It’s a shame that the Attack on Titan skins are now out of the Dead by Daylight Store because this event would be awesome with the Armored Titan skin for Oni.

This event is temporary, Once  the event  is over “Giant Oni” will be gone. I hope this event will be at least active for a month at least.  Oni killer mains will get to experience being a “Giant”. While  the Survivors will experience to be small.

My Little Oni teaser:


This limited event is going to be a way to hype the April Fool’s collection for the Survivors. These new Skins  can either by bought  on the store or be won by winning trials for this event.  During the event you will be given a choice to play as The “Colossal” Oni or as the regular Oni, If you are a killer main. In case of Survivors, They will be shorter and smaller than what they usually are during this event. Sadly for the killer mains, You cannot change  “The Oni’s” outfits during the event. The Colossal Oni have a slight difference in gameplay from the regular Oni. He can stomp at Survivors to kill them.  This could be a test if a giant killer could be feasible.

Here is a PTB gameplay footage of the event