Independent films and shorts usually don’t opt for the most expensive shooting methods — a necessity, given their tight budgets. Someone in Austria has decided to go for the gusto, though. Director James Quinn is now sending his short film Daughter of Dismay off to processing in California. It’s the first cinema short to be filmed in 70MM IMAX photography.

Why the extravagance? As Quinn tells it, “Daughter of Dismay was always supposed to be a big project, presented in the most epic format it could be presented in. At first we were aiming for regular 70mm, but upgraded to 70mm IMAX only weeks before the shoot.”

Quinn adds, “We’d like for people to not just watch this film, but to be completely immersed in it and feel everything that’s happening. 70mm IMAX was exactly what we needed. Not just that, we felt like the world needed a different kind of IMAX presentation for a change, not a big Hollywood blockbuster or a space documentary, but an artistic, heartfelt film with horror elements, something that no one could imagine in this format.”

Daughter of Dismay tells the surreal and mystical tale of an emotionally broken witch. She enters the darkness of the woods to fulfill her biggest desire, for which she takes extreme and radical measures that will have sinister consequences. Portrayed in elegant painting-like, the film is an epic, moving and emotional trip through a world of witchcraft and occultism, leading to a heartbreaking and melancholic finale.

There will be regular 35MM and 70MM prints of Daughter of Dismay, but only the truly chosen theaters will get the IMAX version. It enters the festival circuit in 2019.