Daredevil was the series that kicked off the Marvel/Netflix collaborations. And fromt he first episode, everyone knew that this would be something special. Season 1 was epic, Season 2 brought in Punisher and Elektra helped tie everything into Defenders. And ever since the end of Defenders, we’ve been waiting for Daredevil Season 3. And now, via a Twitter video from Marvel Entertainment, we know that the season is going to arrive on October 19th.

That’s right, we’re less than a month away from the arrival of Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix. And as the video notes, Matt Murdock is going back to basics in order to take down his greatest foe: The Kingpin.

The first teaser for the third season came at the end of Iron Fist Season 2, where a “confessional” between Matt Murdock and his priest had him say that he would rather be Daredevil than Matt Murdock. Then, a poster from Marvel had them say “let the darkness fall”. And now, this video continues the theme of darkness as Matt is willing to go to any length needed to find and kill Wilson Fisk.

What’s interesting about this debut is that this means that all four Defenders characters have had their shows in 2018. Jessica Jones started it off, then Luke Cage, Iron Fist came next, and now Daredevil. And there’s rumors that Punisher Season 2 could be coming before the end of the year. So no matter what, it’s been a big year for the Marvel/Netflix collaborations.

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