Daniel Craig and the James Bond Saga


Daniel Wroughton Craig was born in London in 1968, where he studied art and music. He started acting at an early age, about six years old, and moving into professional work after graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1991. He gained the world’s attention and prominence in such movies as Lara craft Tomb Raider, (2001), Road to Perdition (2002), Layer Cake (2004), and Munich (2005).

Craig entered the Eon Productions studio in 2005, after being invited and pursued insistently by longtime Bond co-producer Barbara Broccoli. At first, he did not want to take the job but seeing that the bond franchise was on a decline towards demise, Broccoli was persistent and later admitted “There was a period of trying to woo him”.

Daniel Craig was met with doubts about his ability to fill the role mostly due to his physical appearance, standing 5-foot-10-inch (1.78-meter) with blonde hair, he was a visual contrast to the earlier Bonds 6 feet and dark hair. Yet the studio needed an image to revamp and a reshaping of the unemotional Bond.

Craig easily filled the bill, bringing a unique characterization to the Bond figure, without losing the coyness and humor that fans love.

During the shooting of the film, an anti-Craig Internet campaign attacked the project and even threatened to boycott the movie. Nonetheless, when four of the former bond actors, – Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Timothy Dalton- threw their support behind Craig, the campaign slowly eroded and the movie rode to success.

Casino Royale opened in 2006 and set historic landmarks as the highest-grossing Bond film until it was replaced by Skyfall. Raking in a worldwide Box office of US$594 million, the movie silenced the critics on all fronts.

Applauses came pouring from all corners and Craig was awarded Nintendo game starring roles and became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In 2008 Craig played Bond again in Quantum of Solace, and also won the role in the video game. Eon Productions had no plans of replacing Bond on the set. The movie itself was a disappointment although he was able to keep shining, fans gave poor ratings. ‘By far the worst of the Daniel Craig Bond films, this film is plagued by bad editing, sloppy writing, and a poor villain.’ Rotten Tomatoes

The film received four awards, two from Empire Awards for Best Thriller Movie and best newcomer, it was awarded the BMI Film Music Award and the Las Vegas Film Critics Award.

Moneywise, the film almost paralleled Casino Royale, making a worldwide box office of US$589 million.

In 2012, after initial financial problems the sequel Bond film, Skyfall was released, and become the highest earner of the franchise, grossing more than US$1.1 billion.

Daniel Craig has revived the Bond franchise making it a profitable venture, with an overall value (Including Spectre) of US$3.5 billion after inflation adjustments. He is by far the most beneficial actor that the Bond series has employed, and there is little doubt that he will continue to make more appearances for Eon Productions.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Photograph: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc./PA