Daedelic Enteertainment, who you may remember a couple of days ago as the publisher of Deponia, has revealed the next game in their 2019 lineup….Barotrauma, set for release this spring.

Developed by Finnish developers FakeFish and Undertow Games, Barotrauma is a co-oip multiplayer sim that casts you and your friends as astronauts exploring the depths of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Turns out there’s an entire ocean below the frozen surface, and it also turns out your crew wasn’t the first to find it.

Confront dangerous alien life-forms and explore ancient ruins. Create weapons, tools and medicine to gain the upper hand. Your crew can consist of up to sixteen players at once, and they can each assign themselves one of five different classes (though only one can be “Captain”). And since the game is procedurally generated, you won’t know what to expect next.

  • Manage intricate submarine systems to survive in the depths below Europa, one of Jupiter’s frozen moons.
  • Five classes: submarine captain, engineer, mechanic, medic, and assistant.
  • Explore a vast ocean filled with alien life, ruins and other secrets daring to be explored.
  • Work together in adrenaline-filled 2D co-op multiplayer with up to 16 players. Or betray your crew and bury them in the depths…
  • Complex management and crafting systems.
  • Procedurally created levels and events ensure no two games are the same.
  • Distinct animation style and ragdoll physics.
  • Monster Maker: Transform the game via Steam workshop and create your own sprites, submarines, levels – or alien monsters – for other players to download.

Barotrauma should be ready for pre-release on Steam Early Access later this year. We’ll let you know when a film date is announced.