Some interesting news came out today about the casting choices for The CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths mega-crossover. Brandon Routh will once again suit up to play Superman, a role he originally filled on the big screen in Superman Returns.

Man, how’d they manage to swing this? It must have been simply impossible to track down Routh, let alone pay him enough to get him onto the lot……yeah, okay, we know this guy has been on Legends of Tomorrow for several seasons. He just had to walk from one set to another.

Here’s the weird part….one would assume if Brandon Routh is playing a version of Superman, it must be the version that actually appeared in the 2006 movie. But apparently not. Routh told the website Moviehole “No, he’s not the same Superman (from the film). He’s a different version…but there are some similarities.” That’s weird.

It could theoretically mean the Superman from the dimension Routh comes from is actually Ray Palmer. After all, why wouldn’t they recognize his appearance as Ray? BUT that isn’t the case either….Routh at last clarified who he’s playing during the Arrow panel later that evening: he’s the Superman from the “Kingdom Come” graphic novel. Of all the random roles.

The CW Super-verse already has a Superman, of course — it’s Tyler Hoechlin. He will of course be back, and he could meet… old-man Robin? Caroline Dries, showrunner for the upcoming Batwoman series, revealed during the panel that Burt Ward will also be on Crisis. Big twist — HE’S playing the 2006 Superman.

The CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths will begin airing this December and last through January.

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