Developer Passtech Games and publisher Focus Home Interactive are bringing the roguelike action game Curse of the Dead Gods to Steam Early Access this March.

You play as a pretty greedy dude who wants it all — riches, power, eternal life. It can all be found in the temple you’re breaking into, but the gods won’t like it, and they’ll send the deadliest monsters they have after you…but like you care. Due to the cursed nature of the temple, you’ll rise again each time you die, and so you soldier on dodging traps in search of the ultimate prize.

“At the start of EA, players will have access to what can be considered as about a third of the final content in production,” said Sylvain Passot, CEO at Passtech Games. “However, since each game is different with a large share of randomness, there is a lot to discover in this first segment. Curse of the Dead Gods is a modular game with great replayability, and we believe that early access will make the most of it!”

As development continues, Passtech will periodically add new temples to the game, each with a unique style. They also plan to add more game modes, weapons, mechanics, curses and relics over the next few months.

Curse of the Dead Gods will enter Steam Early Access starting March 3. You’ll also get the chance to demo the game before its release if you’re attending PAX East….look for the Focus Home Interactive booth (#29017).