Who or what is HAVOC? Is he even human? All anyone knows is that his identity is completely concealed by a mask shrouded in razor wire, and he’s the ultimate killing machine. He’s also the focus of Cry Havoc, the next horror thriller coming next month from Midnight Releasing.

The naive young reporter at the center of this story has no idea who HAVOC is either, but that’s because she hasn’t even heard of him. She HAS heard of the wanted criminal who’s shacked up in a remote location within a deserted compound. She’s one of the few to be granted an interview with him, but little does she know he’s the lesser of her worries.

Turns out, the man doesn’t kill…at least directly. He has HAVOC under his command for that. And when he decides to make her HAVOC’s next target, the rogue police officer in the area is the only one who can rescue her. You may have seen him before…he’s Robert Bronzi, the star of Death Kiss and Once Upon a Time in Deadwood, two movies we’ve covered on this site.

Cry Havoc also stars Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop) Emily Sweet, and JD Angstadt. It was written and directed by Rene Perez, and it’ll be arriving on digital platforms May 5 courtesy of Midnight Releasing.

An ambitious young reporter is granted an interview with one of the FBI’s most wanted. While entering his compound she finds one of his prized possessions, a serial killer who murders at call, called HAVOC. Her only hope is a rogue police man searching for his daughter.

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