Two estranged cousins find “loyalty grows deeper than roots” in Crown And Anchor, an upcoming release from Uncork’d Entertainment.

James Downey had a rough childhood, suffering abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father. Despite this, he’s managed to pick himself back up and establish a respectable life for himself. This isn’t the case for his cousin Danny, who also had it rough as a kid but turned to vice in an effort to drown out his sorrow. Addicted to drugs and constantly drunk, Danny is the last person James wants to work with, but circumstances leave them little choice.

Crown And Anchor stars Michael Rowe (‘Deadshot’ on TV’s Arrow), Matt Wells (“Designated Survivor”), Natalie Brown (“Saw V”), Robert Joy (“CSI : NY”), Stephen McHattie (“Orphan Black”) and Ben Cotton (“The X-Files”). It was written and directed by Andrew Rowe, and features a loud punk/hardcore soundtrack. Look for it on DVD and digital platforms July 2, and check out a clip from the film below.

CROWN AND ANCHOR follows James Downey (Michael Rowe), who is living a disciplined and straight edge lifestyle as a result of growing up with an abusive alcoholic father. His estranged cousin Danny (Matt Wells) is drowning his own trauma with drugs and booze. When their lives are forced to intersect once more, they each begin to unravel as the past returns with violent and tragic consequences.

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