After years of no phone calls from his agent, a certain Australian marsupial suddenly has a very active career again. Crash Bandicoot will be returning this fall in “It’s About Time,” the self-proclaimed fourth title in the series that ignores all the weaker offshoots from the PS2 era. But he’ll also have a presence on your phone when Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is released to mobile platforms.

From the trailers, It’s About Time seems to be a return to basics for the bandicoot, and with On The Run, it’s even more so. Simple concepts tend to do better on mobile, and you can boil down a classic Crash experience to “running along a track and dodging stuff” — which is exactly what you’ll be doing in this endless runner. In fact, you won’t be able to stop.

The nostalgia doesn’t end with the breakable boxes and leaps over chasms…the environments of On The Run will be a Greatest Hits collection of past experiences, with Turtle Woods, Lost City, and Temple Ruins all confirmed to be returning. You’ll also re-meet some bosses from Crashes 1 through 3. New additions to the series include customizable characters (we meet a blue bandicoot in the trailer, unseen in nature).

“We’re really excited to bring this well-known and much-loved franchise back to mobile,” said Stephen Jarrett, VP of Game Design at King. “Our ambition is to transform the runner experience with classic Crash gameplay, while adding depth and progression through a variety of exciting features including meaningful social, crafting and base building. Drawing inspiration from Crash’s vibrant history we plan to bring back classic characters, bosses, enemies and lands and wrap them in a brand-new adventure for gamers to play on the go.”

Ubiquitous mobile game maker King (Candy Crush Saga) is behind this one. Preorders are now open for Android devices, and will soon open for iOS as well. Anyone who preorders the game gets an exclusive Blue Hyena Skin on launch day. No release date has been announced.