British developer Pegino is about to launch Cosmos Invictus, a sci-fi space-war game, on Steam Early Access. It’s a CCG (Collectible Card Game), which means gameplay involves collecting digital cards and playing with a virtual deck.

But just because you’re playing with cards doesn’t mean winning is as simple as slapping ’em down. Cosmos Invictus is a tactical game that requires serious strategy. You’ll be choosing one of two sides in battle: the Gaia Unity or the High Frontier Alliance, each with its own unique fighters and card sets. Positioning your mechs in the right formation, choosing the right ships and weapons, and most importantly, deciding WHEN to launch your attack….all these things make the difference between failure and victory.

  • Forge your destiny: Join one of two rival factions and fight to secure your vision for humanity.
  • Assemble an epic arsenal: Acquire and choose from countless mechs, pilots, and spaceships to create killer Battledecks.
  • Choose your battles: Duke it out in the PvP arena, complete mission-based battles against the computer, or fight in one-on-one duels.
  • Enjoy high-quality artwork: From the cards to the menu select screen, the game features tons of hand-drawn art.
  • Aim for the stars: Complete daily challenges to receive special rewards – such as cards and upgrades!

Cosmos Invictus launches tomorrow on Steam Early Access, at a price of nothing — meaning lots of in-app purchases.