Outward is about to launch — a strategy RPG from publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots. It’s being advertised as a punishing, uncompromising game, and to succeed you’d better know how to survive. Nine Dots is providing instruction in this task through their Developer’s Diaries, which provide pre-release hints on the game.

Diary #4 was just released, and it covers co-op gameplay….a crucial part of the strategy. Anyone can drop in or drop out of the game map at will….sometimes friends, sometimes foes. Foes are probably more likely, so you’ll want to play the game alongside people you already know. When forming your team, keep in mind: the groups that succeed are those who plan ahead.

Tackle the dangers that lie ahead together with drop-in and drop-out local or online multiplayer. Will one player act in support, carrying the heavy equipment and loot while the other player handles combat? Or will you choose to explore the world separately to cover more ground? Whether you choose to play in local split screen or online with a faraway friend, the world and its hostile inhabitants will grow stronger with another player so plan your steps accordingly.

Outward launches today on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC via Steam.

OUTWARD is a hardcore RPG that tempers fantasy elements with realism… but with the right preparation, you will be able to overcome most challenges that OUTWARD will throw at you.