It can be difficult for any aspiring filmmaker to get their foot in the door. One production company, Continuance Pictures, wants to make the process a bit easier, and help boost undiscovered talent both behind and in front of the camera.

Continuance has announced the Continue Initiative, a funding program where writers, directors and producers can submit pitches for short suibjects to the company — the ones that impress the most will be given $10,000 to bring the shorts into existence. The only technicality is that they must be horror shorts.

“As a filmmaker, there is nothing worse than receiving a “rejection letter” and not understanding why,” says Tristan Barr, co-founder of Continuance. “Through this process — the team at Continuance Pictures — we are attempting to provide feedback to applicants to build working relationships and ongoing opportunities for the future.”

The Continue Initiative was inspired by a conversation Barr and David Gim (the other founder of Continuance) had with Jason Blum, a successful horror flick maker with his own established production company, Blumhouse Pictures. “Jason gave us incredible advice on shooting with low budgets and testing contents with short films”, says Barr.

Anyone interested in applying for the Continue Initiative can head to this website to propose their shorts. But you’ll want to start pounding on that keyboard if you want to make it on time….all scripts must be received by February 1.