Review of “Conan” for Xbox 360,


So I thought a series of “bargain bin” reviews might be in order. The majority of gamers find themselves browsing through the 75% off bins, on occasion.


Conan has been most recently portrayed in film by Jason Momoa, however he’s also had successful runs as a Marvel and Dark Horse comic. His origins however stretch further back to the 30’s, a creation of Robert E. Howard’s imagination. A seething mass of violence, a man who’s abilities in battle were only surpassed by his cunning.


THQ’s “Conan” gives us the opportunity of stepping into the herculean boots of our favorite barbarian. True to spirit the game concentrates on a fun, button tapping combat system. You can tailor your combat to your game play. The system offers the options in specializing in “sword and shield”, “great swords” or “double wielding”. The game allows you to improvise, you learn to use your environment to your advantage. An example of which is the ability to club larger enemies with smaller enemies, it’s funtastic. The gameplay while not original offers many moments of gore, as your sword eviscerates and decapitates.


The dialogue is expectedly monosyllabic and misogynistic. However I would like to play the “He’s a barbarian for a reason” card here. The overall game play is really enjoyable, if you are bad at combination based games you will find certain battles insufferable. I’m not the greatest at it, but even if you just start swinging a lot of times you will luck onto pretty awesome combination moves. The graphics are not at all bad considering it was released in 2007. The plot well…………..nothing in a discount bin is going to perfect.

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