Sometimes you just gotta push your arms out, tilt your back, and start running like a ninja. But as you’re doing this, what will you wear? Clothing company Coach has solved that problem with a newly announced line of Naruto-themed menswear.

The line includes parkas, jean jackets, pullovers, backpacks, utility packs and hybrid sneaker boots, as well as traditional T-shirts, all decorated with graphics relating to the Naruto series and characters. Why, exactly? Because currently Coach is entangled with actor Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther himself), and Jordan happens to love the show.

michael b. jordan

“With my name on this collection, it was important to design pieces that represent my cultural influences and my community; pieces that I could see my friends, family and fans wearing with pride,” said Jordan. “As with all aspects of my work, this collection is about bringing fresh perspectives and unique voices to the forefront. Expanding into the fashion design space was rewarding beyond my expectations. I’m grateful to [Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers] for providing me with the opportunity and expertise to execute a collection I’m extremely proud of.”

Some of these Coach Naruto-themed items will be available for the first time inside the Viz booth (#1336) at NYCC this week. The initial collection will include an exclusive Coach X Michael B. Jordan shirt that will only be available at the con.