Game Duchy unveils the latest update for hit mecha battler Iron Saga. Packed with features, the newest patch introduces the Battle Pass and co-pilot systems as well as the 7-day mission system and UI improvements. The latest batch of features allows players to complete daily and weekly missions to earn rewards including badges, gold, gems, primal energy cores, and more.

With the introduction of the Battle Pass system players will be able to earn activity points by completing daily and weekly missions. The more activity points players accumulate the more rewards they’ll unlock. Each week a new set of missions and rewards will become available for players to complete. Once players earn the required activity points they will be rewarded with 2,800 gems and a Sun Badge. Players can also loot gold, parts chests, primal energy cores, diamonds, vouchers, S-Class spheres, and more when completing their missions.

Iron Saga is all about action-packed combat and Game Duchy has upped the combat game with the introduction of the co-pilot system. Players of at least level 61 will gain access to co-pilots, which will provide an additional skill for their main pilot. Co-pilot skills come in six types: attack, tech, defend, support, control, and special. Players will be able to choose which co-pilot to bring to battle based on their main pilot’s skill set. In addition to bolstering main pilots with another skill, co-pilots will also provide an attribute buff. Attribute buffs can increase in strength depending on the relationship between main pilots and co-pilots as well as their mood. The better a pilot’s mood is the stronger the attribute buff will be.

The latest update is available now in Iron Saga and also includes UI and optimization improvements as well as new voice lines. Players can start their career as an ace mech pilot by downloading Iron Saga for free on the App Store or Google Play. For more information on Iron Saga visit the official site here.

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