Of all the places you expect to see Chocobos, the least likely would seem to be a mall food kiosk…but here we are. Square Enix is teaming up with Dippin’ Dots for a special Chocobo’s Dungeon Sweepstakes, with fabulous prizes up for grabs.

Why? Because there’s a new Chocobo game imminent within the month — Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Everybuddy — and what better place to capture the Goofy Yellow Bird demographic than mall dessert carts? The cross-promotion will result in Chocobos plastered all over Dippin’ Dots kiosks, and that’s just the beginning.

The Dippin’ Dots/Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Everybuddy Sweepstakes will run from March 1 through March 31. Three grand-prize winners will be sent a new Nintendo Switch, a copy of the new Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon game, a lunchbox with Chocobo characters on it, and free Dippin’ Dots home delivery. Ten runner-up winners will get the Everybuddy game and Dippin’ Dots delivery, but no Switch.

No purchase is necessary to enter…just head to http://www.dippindots.com/chocobo to put your name in the running.

In addition, for the next month or so various Dippin’ Dots flavors will be rebranded with Chocobo-related names, like White Mage’s Healing Vanilla, Scholar’s Book-ies ‘n Cream, Red Mage’s Sweet Strawberry Spell and Dancer’s Banana Split. These are interesting times we live in.

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