For the most part, you can count on Cartoon Network to deliver 11-minute bursts of animated comedy that resonate with adults as well as kids. Their latest, revealed today, already looks like a winner….Mao-Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart.

The titular Mao-Mao is the ferocious and trash-taking defender of the Pure Heart Valley. Flanking him on both sides are his sidekicks Badgerclops (the fat one) and Adorabat (the flying blue one). CN revealed over a minute of clips today, and we love this guy:

So how soon do we get him? Sooner than you think. Eight episodes of Mao-Mao will premiere on the CN app June 28, followed by the show’s official rollout on the channel proper beginning July 1. CN also revealed both versions of the theme song, in the opening and closing credits:

There was additional news from CN today regarding the fate of two of their shows that premiered last year: Summer Camp Island and Apple & Onion. They are both confirmed for second seasons, which is fortunate given their risky and unconventional introductions: Apple and Onion’s first season was just 10 episodes long, and Summer Camp Island had its entire season dumped over the course of one weekend. Fortunately, they found their audience.

Summer Camp Island will begin running its second season June 23, while Apple & Onion will return this fall. Meanwhile another series, Tig ‘n Seek, was announced for 2020 — it is earlier in development and has no trailer.

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