Artist Rights Distribution will be sneaking Cargo into select theaters later this month. The film, based on real events, has already won accolades.

Kevin wants his son to get into a good school….but keeping him there is expensive. The life of a fisherman isn’t paying the tuition fees, and Kevin can’t find any other work….that is, any other legal work. Through the under-the-table aid of a few contacts, Kevin discovers a new hidden talent he never knew he had — human smuggling.

After a while, Kevin feels confident enough to attempt smuggling his own girlfriend and her son (not his son) to the US. But wouldn’t you know it, that’s when he runs into complications. Can they all make it to Miami unscathed and undetected?

Cargo stars Warren Brown (Strike Back), Jimmy Jean Louis (Heroes), Gessica Geneus, Persia White (“The Vampire Diaries”), Omar J. Dorsey (Halloween), and Jamie Donnelly (Black Mass), and was written and directed by Kareem Mortimer. Check out the film in theaters this May, from Artist Rights Distribution.

UPDATE: Artist Rights has released a new clip from the movie. Enjoy:

When his income as a fisherman proves woefully insufficient to cover his son’s school fees, Kevin turns to human smuggling in order to raise desperately needed funds. Kevin finds that he’s good at this dangerous yet profitable vocation—good enough to trust himself with smuggling his own girlfriend and her son to the US. But when faced with having to abandon refugees at sea far from Miami shores, Kevin is suddenly forced to reassess his responsibilities. Inspired by true events, Cargo examines the world’s refugee crisis from a very local perspective. The largest Bahamian film project to date, this latest feature from Kareem J. Mortimer is a thrilling, vital call for empathy in troubled times.

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