Composer Stemage has worked on professional jobs both good (Steven Universe) and bad (Bubsy: Paws On Fire!) His most recently released creation is the soundtrack for the Apple Arcade game Card Of Darkness, and if you enjoyed the tunes, you can now purchase them separately in the official soundtrack release.

The game is what it sounds like: a simple card game (but tough to master) illustrated with quirky hand-painted illustrations. In addition to Stemage, other talented folks had their hand in its development: Zach Gage (Ridiculous Fishing), Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), and Choice Provisions (BIT.TRIP).

“When I started the first music drafts for Card of Darkness, I leaned too friendly,” says Stemage. “When you see animations and colors like the ones in this game, you might assume levity. While the game has a friendly look and an adventurous theme song, it’s a tough game. It’s about learning and managing dozens of enemies, building the appropriate loadout, and insane bosses.”

“With Zach and I working together on the feel, the music takes an interestingly dark turn,” Stamage continued. “It’s a fun juxtaposition to the visuals. As you get deeper into the soundtrack, it’s serious business – just like the game. It was a joy to work on and a great excuse to work to play with some analog instrumentation.”

The Card Of Darkness soundtrack is being published by Materia Collective and is now available at the storefronts linked to from this page.

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