Card-Based Roguelike RPG Dark Lord Coming To Steam Next Fest


Publisher LTG and developer Undead Fox are working on Dark Lord, a card-based roguelike RPG for the PC. The game will be part of Steam Next Fest later this month.

You play as the titular Dark Lord, a ruthless leader determined to cling to power no matter what. You’re currently the ruler of a vast underworld, but that doesn’t mean your subjects will be subservient. Everyone else is just as selfish as you are and will backstab you in a second if it means they gain an advantage. Use your cards to plot your moves and stab them first! Since your decisions affect the progression of the story, each playthough is different.

“This game challenges players to test their strategic skills and develop a realm fraught with decisions and consequences,” says Undead Fox. “Players will navigate a world of shady advisors, political intrigues, and unexpected plot twists. Balancing between managing people with an iron fist and surviving through cunning means, they will need to strengthen their boundaries and decide how to rule their dark kingdom.”

Undead Fox won’t say when Dark Lord will be officially released, but there is a demo out as of now. Get it on the game’s Steam page.