Imagine that finding your next video game is just as easy as finding Saturday night’s movie on Comcast or Netflix. The Happy Cloud, the on demand digital distribution platform for video games, has just opened its online PC game store to the public, providing gamers an instantaneous alternative to the typical video game download.

“Gamers don’t want to wait overnight for a download that might get interrupted,” says Eric Gastfriend, VP and GM of Happy Cloud. “Happy Cloud offers instant accessibility for top quality PC games. Our technology enables a seamless trial-purchase flow that gives publishers a hassle-free way to expose their games to new audiences. We’re launching today with 10 games from 3 publishers, and we will be rapidly expanding the catalog post-launch.”

Unlike other cloud gaming services that use video streaming, Happy Cloud has no lag or reduction in image quality. Happy Cloud pre-installs the game in the cloud and runs the game locally on the user’s computer, so that the game behaves the same as if it were installed on the PC.

Happy Cloud is opening to customers in the U.S. with games from publishers including Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, and Frictional Games. No support is required from publishers or developers to bring the games to the cloud on the Happy Cloud. Try or buy a new game today at