If you’ve been wondering when the open beta for Call of Duty Modern Warfare would be kicking off, it happens to be right now. Get to your Playstation 4 and load up the PS Store and the first graphic you see will be an invitation to the open beta — all you need to do from that point is download it.

Yes, it’s free….for the time being. People who pre-ordered Modern Warfare got to play it first, starting on the 12th, but that period has lapsed and now anyone with a PS4 can play. The duration of this beta will only last through the weekend, so be sure to try it out before the 16th. Note that you will need a PS Plus subscription to go online, if you don’t already have one.

So if this game is also supposedly coming out for XBox One and PC, how come they don’t get a beta test? They will…just not at the same time. The PC and XBox beta begins Thursday, September 19, once again for preorder holders only. Two days after that, the last beta will open for all consoles September 21, before the whole thing shuts off on September 23.

No matter which machine you game on, or how much cash you already gave Activision, you’ll get your chance to try out the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta at some point. The game releases for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC October 25.