Activision and Infinity Ward are now testing out the 2v2 mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. The alpha is now live and can be enjoyed for the next two days.

And as a twist to how Activision normally does things, you DON’T need a preorder, an extra purchase, or have to grease their palms in any other way to download this alpha. If you have a Playstation 4, you’ve met the only requirement. You don’t even need a PS Plus subscription! (except in Germany, due to regulations)

The official name of the mode is Gunfight, and it’s a quick round-based mode where your only objective is to eliminate the opposing team. When we say quick, we mean “Bounty paper towel commercial quick” — each round lasts just 40 seconds, though there can be a 10-second overtime if neither team is ahead. During this time, a flag will spawn and the objective slightly changes — either finish the other team off, or get that flag to win.

After this, the next round starts, and the first team to win six rounds is the victor of the entire match. Five maps are listed as playable in the alpha (note that Docks and Stack may not be available at the moment):

  • Docks
    A London shipyard with vessels travelling along the river behind one team’s infil point, with the other team spawning in street-side due west. Buildings 51 – the Foreman’s office – and 52 – the crew’s quarters – are two-story brick structures that define the map’s north and south, with a bridge connecting the two over a concrete walkway. The walkway under the bridge’s center – which also sits over a concrete waterway running east to west – serves as the overtime flag’s location.
  • King
    A roughly-symmetrical training range warehouse with each player starting behind an L-shaped defensive structure made from sections of wood subfloor. Along the perimeter are two connected metal shipping containers (with “Shoot House” sprayed on each one), offering protection, but no clear line of sight. The center of the map is a half-constructed plywood stage with stairs at each end, crates to climb, and a concrete base with three small tunnels to traverse. The flag spawns in the center tunnel.
  • Pine
    A woodland training range with working metal targets beyond the perimeter, and a small grassy area from the infil point. The eastern infil point is a firing range, while the western infil point is a bunker entrance. Each perimeter area leads to a rocky outcrop and a rusting vehicle to navigate or hide behind, and a raised, tarp-draped command post on the southern side. A stream bisects the map, running southwest to northeast, with an open red container where the flag appears.
  • Speedball
    A live firing range that is true to its name through its style. Containers, tire stacks, concrete slabs and wooden structures act as cover between the two squads that infil on opposite sides east and west. The overtime flag appears near the map’s southern portion, smack in the middle of two containers, dueling small towers and the central concrete-reinforced wood wall.
  • Stack
    A desert training range, with both teams starting on a raised balcony (one with an overhang), each with two ramps; one at either perimeter edge. The side paths each have sand-filled buttress crates and tire stacks, and both widen slightly in the middle. The center of Stack is a raised platform, with plywood stairs (one at each corner), and an open container where the flag spawns.

So….why’re you still reading this? Warm up the PS2 and get to downloading! This free experience for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare only lasts until August 25.